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Sigga Soffía


Sigríður Soffía is an artist, singer and a mother. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Communication from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2015 and works as a choir conductor at Dómus Vox Vocal Academy. Sigríður Soffía has also worked as a model both in Iceland and abroad.

"The beginning of Blómkollur can be traced back to my years as a student, where I felt increasing stress and fear of performing. I started painting and drawing more than before, that has always been my way of obtaining relaxation and well being. The Mandalas appeared one by one and I began reading about their symbolism and was mesmerized by it. Later I discovered that there has been found to be a link between  drawing or painting mandalas and overcoming anxiety and stress. That is why I thought is was fitting to put the mandala form on silky smooth duvet sets to produce a calming atmosphere in the bedroom."

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